European Foundation for Support of Culture

The European Foundation for Support of Culture

The European Foundation for Support of Culture (EUFSC) is a non- profit organization founded in Malta in 2012 to initiate and promote cultural and educational projects in Europe. A key objective of the Foundation is to introduce broad public access across Europe to the most prominent facets of world musical and cultural heritage. In pursuance of this goal, every year the Foundation holds numerous festivals, competitions, exhibitions, conferences, presentations, master- classes, workshops, round-tables, concerts and other events seeking to support and promote culture, to inspire interest in various types of modern art and to support young talented musicians and gifted children.
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330th Anniversary of Balalaika

On 23rd June the world celebrates the anniversary since the first documented mention of the Russian folk three-stringed musical instrument Balalaika. In connection with this landmark event, the European Foundation for Support of Culture will host the “330th Anniversary of Balalaika” in Malta. In translation from ancient languages, a Balalaika is a “conversation of a […]

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Days of European classical music in St. Petersburg

Classical music is paramount in the world’s music culture. Its distinctive quality is a combination of deep emotional experience and richness of artistic devices. At all times in history music absorbed national styles, for which reason music by composers from different countries are always different and have their own unique style. The European Foundation for […]

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Folklore Festival in Malta

In summer 2018, Malta will host the International Folklore Festival “Folk Motives”, the main goal of which is the support of creative groups and performing artists who preserve and popularize folk culture. The festival is organized by the European Foundation for Support of Culture. The programme also includes a performance based on compositions of one […]

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Tour of the St. Petersburg State Capella Symphony Orchestra in Malta

In June, the European Foundation for Support of Culture has organized a tour of the Symphony Orchestra of the St. Petersburg State Capella in Malta; it took place in celebration of the Day of Russia under the auspices of the Russian Embassy and with support from the Russian Centre of Science and Culture. The twelfth […]

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Italian music festival in Chieti

In June 2018, the European Foundation for Support of Culture, together with the ArtEnsemble(Italy), have organized the Italian Music Festival in Chieti, Italy. The festival included a piano competition and a series of concerts in the Marrucino theatre. The opening concert took place on the 6th of June on the main stage of the theatre. […]

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Premiere of the Crystal Palace ballet in Armenia

On 2 nd and 3rd June 2018 there was an Armenian premiere performance of the new Crystal Palace ballet at the National Academic Theatre of Opera and Ballet in Yerevan, Armenia. The European Foundation for Support of Culture initiated and organized the first premiere of the ballet, which was held on the 21st of July 2017 […]

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