Private: 5th Anniversary concert of Grandparents Malta Foundation

Calendar96The European Foundation for Support of Culture is organising the first celebration of the Grandparents Malta Foundation’s anniversary in the history of Malta, which will take place in October 2018. The Grandparents Malta Foundation, locally referred to as Fondazzjoni Nanniet Malta, is a community for grandparents, the purpose of which is enhancement and strengthening of relations between grandparents and their grandchildren through collective activities.

The Grandparents Malta Foundation was established by Philip Chircop, who was inspired by Pope Francis’ speech to millions of young people at World Youth Forum 2013 in Brazil, about the important role of grandparents in the life of all people.

The Foundation was created under the patronage of the President of Malta and the Foundation had made a proposal to the Maltese Parliament to establish a Grandparents’ Day – which is now celebrated on the second Sunday of October every year, since five years ago. The 5th Anniversary concert will be held at the Catholic Institute in Floriana, where the Orchestra and European stars of classical music will perform the older generation’s favourite classical and romantic orchestral compositions by Maltese and other prominent composers.