Crystal Palace ballet

The main stage of Russia would host the “Crystal Palace” ballet to the music of Alexey Shor for the second time

crystalIn December the Great Hall of the State Kremlin Palace would host the ballet with operatic elements – “Crystal Palace”.

The initiator and lead organizer of the Project is the European Foundation for Support of Culture (EFSC) headed by Konstantin Ishkhanov. The première of the ballet in Moscow would be organized in collaboration with the Association for Support of Cultural Initiatives (APKI) and the State Kremlin Palace.

The ballet is set to the music of a famous American and Maltese composer Alexey Shor, whose works are recognized around the world.

The plot of the performance is based on a historical episode that took place at the court of the Russian Empress Anna Ioannovna.


The leading roles :

To be confirmed (Anna Ioannovna)
Ivan Vasiliev (the Enamored, the Jester)
Maria Vinogradova (the Enamored, the Jester’s Bride)
Maria Allash (Fairy of the Crystal Flower Garden and the Queen of Diamonds)
To be confirmed (Opera Star)

Composer: Alexey Shor
Director and Choreographer: Ekaterina Mironova and Alexander Somov
Conductor: Pavel Klinichev
Costume Designer: Elena Netsvetaeva-Dolgaleva
Stage Designer: Sergei Timonin
Lighting Designer: Anton Stikhin