Philipp Kopachevsky Tour across Russia, concert in Barnaul with Mikhail Kirchhoff

копачевскийFrom 6 October to the end of 2019, famous pianist Philipp Kopachevsky will be touring across Russia. The project is organised by the European Foundation for Support of Culture and the Association for Support of Cultural Initiatives (Russia).

Philipp Kopachevsky is a soloist with the Moscow State Academic Philharmonic, a participant in the Stars of the 21st Century federal programme of the Moscow Philharmonic (with support from the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation), laureate of eight prestigious international competitions, including the 10th International Schubert Piano Competition in Germany. The musician regularly gives concerts in the United Kingdom, Germany, the United States, the Netherlands, France, Italy, Greece, Poland, Spain and many Russian cities.

Mikhail Kirchhoff is a chief guest conductor of the Kazakhstan State Symphony Orchestra “Academy of Soloists” and an artistic director and principal conductor of the “Eurasian Music Games”

On 6 October, as part of the opening concert of the tour, the musician performed with Pavel Klinichev  at the Saratov Regional Philharmonic Society named after Alfred Schnittke (Saratov), accompanied by the Saratov Symphony Orchestra . Then the artists will appear on stage at the Druzhba Concert Hall (Bryansk), accompanied by the Bryansk Symphony Orchestra, after which Philipp Kopachevsky together with Mikhail Kirchhoff will give a concert at the State Philharmonic Society of the Altai Region (Barnaul), accompanied by the Symphony Orchestra of the State Philharmonic Society of the Altai Territory. Thereupon  Philipp Kopachevsky and Pavel Klinichev will perform at the Palace of Culture (Novokuibyshevsk), accompanied by the Samara Academic Symphony Orchestra. The closing concert will take place at the Samara State Philharmonic Society (Samara) with participation by the Samara Academic Symphony Orchestra.

The tour programme will include works by distinguished Maltese and other European composers.