A concert to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Igor Stravinsky’s work “The Soldier’s Tale”

Calendar14In 2018, the famous work “The Soldier’s Tale” by Igor Stravinsky, turn
100 years old. The European Foundation for Support of Culture in
collaboration with the Marrucino Theatre (Italy) and the ArtEnsemble
(Italy), is planning celebratory concert to honour this remarkable event.
The concert will take place in the heart of the Italian town of Chieti in
the Marrucino Theatre and is supported by the “Fondazione Immagine”
Igor Stravinsky, a renowned composer, conductor and pianist, was born
in 1882 in Russia. At the beginning of 1914, on the eve of World War I,
Stravinsky took his family and moved to Switzerland. It was at that time
that the composer wrote one of his most popular compositions “The
Soldier’s Tale” which is a combination of an opera and a ballet; it is based
on the text of Charles-Ferninand Ramuz and intended for three actors
(Soldier, Devil and Narrator) and a septet of violin, double bass, clarinet,
bassoon, cornet, trombone and percussion. Stravinsky’s composition
inspired choreographers across the globe.
Italian musicians will present Stravinsky’s work on the stage of the
Marrucino Theatre; Teresa Laera, assistant professor at the Music
Conservatoire “E.R.Duni” of Matera (viola); Antonio Tinelli, winner of
national and international music contests, professor of clarinet in the
Music Conservatoire “N. Puccini” of Bari (clarinet); Giuliano Mazzoccante,
professor at the state-supported Music Conservatoire of Campobasso
(piano). The musical presentation will be accompanied by a vocal narration
of the “The Soldier’s Tale” by Massimo Di Michele.