The European Foundation for Support of Culture (EFSC) is a non-profit organization established in Malta with the main idea behind this ambitious project is to eventually transform Malta from a European cultural province to one of the main European cultural destinations. The island, rich of historical heritage and artifacts, with its pleasant sunny climate, surrounded by the majestic Mediterranean sea, deserves such a title indeed.

EFSC was founded in order to organize and promote cultural, educational, entertaining and sporting events as well as other activities in Malta, Europe and other parts of the world. The Foundation is proud to announce its main goals such as:

  • To create interest in various arts, especially music, at all tiers of society
  • To assist in exchanges of knowledge and experience on international level between all those interested in culture
  • To play a vital role in the upbringing of young people, introducing them to quality cultural products and traditional values
  • To create opportunities to the various groups and individuals to boost their creativity, showcase their talents, master their skills and even choose a career
  • To offer high quality leisure for people from all walks of life

EFSC’s events portfolio is vast and already includes a number of classical music recitals, concerts and festivals in various European countries including Malta. Should you wish to know more about the Foundation’s past and upcoming events kindly click on the “Our Projects” link.

EFSC has also established collaborations with other Foundations, Cultural Associations, Governmental Institutions, Embassies and Cultural Centres in Malta and Europe.

The Foundation is backed by ambitious and enthusiastic people who have culture at heart. EFSC is in constant search for new directions for its development and welcomes everyone who shares its love to arts.