Brillanti Season 2, Preliminary Round in Malta      

In April 2022, Malta shall see the launch of Brillanti, a new TV programme hosted by the renowned local television presenter and musician Joseph Chetcuti, which represents the first time that a competition aimed towards performers, artists, and musicians shall air on Maltese television.


Sponsored by the European Foundation for Support of Culture (EUFSC), Brillanti aims to provide talented Maltese artists with the opportunity to showcase their skills, and the chance to win recognition, monetary prizes and unique experiences, with the first season of the programme set to see its winner walk away with €20,000, along with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel abroad and perform in concert alongside an international orchestra, thanks to the EUFSC.


Following the first season, which shall focus solely on music and musicians of all instruments, Brillanti will now be gearing up for the second instalment in the series, with the producers of the show holding the first preliminary round of auditions in summer 2022.


In a departure from the first series, this second season shall now be targeted squarely at dancers and choreographers, in line with the programme’s overarching goal of focusing on a different facet of art in each of its seasons. Once again, the competition will be open to applicants of all ages, and practitioners of all styles, with those that make it through these preliminary rounds then being asked to participate in a variety of dancing competitions until the cohort is shortlisted to a select accomplished few.


The selection process will be handled by a handpicked jury panel of experts, all of whom have years of experience within this field, and will be able to quickly identify those individuals with the highest skill set and potential. Each of the eventual finalists will also be mentored by one of the jury members, thereby helping them to hone their abilities even further under the specialised tuition.