EUTERPE 21st International Music Competition in Italy

EUTERPE_inter_2019_musicEUTERPE Cultural Musical Association, in collaboration with the Department of Culture, the City Council of Corato, and the European Foundation for Support of Culture, held the 21st EUTERPE International Music Competition on 15–27 October 2019 at the Corato Theatre (Bari, Italy). The event was supported by the Rotary Club International and the Department of Cultural and Tourism Industry of Apulia.

The Competition was held to find and support new young talents, to promote music culture and attract tourists to Italy’s beautiful southern region of Apulia.

Tourists from around the world flock to Apulia in Italy’s southeast, near the “heel” of Italy’s Apennine Peninsula “boot”, to see its magical cities and the sea coast. Historically, this part of Italy was long held by the Greeks, and the architecture and layout of the local towns and cities are reminiscent of Greek ones, with their small white-and-blue houses, old olive groves and vineyards. The Greeks built many ports, arsenals and churches here.

Lovers of both beach holidays and of history, architecture and archaeology will enjoy Apulia. Ancient civilizations had a major impact on the local culture, faith and language, which is still partially preserved in local dialects. The region has a fantastic density of historical and architectural moments per square kilometre, with Apulia harmoniously and consistently blending serene modernity and its historic roots.

EUTERPE International Music Competition  featured the following sections: solos (piano, strings, vocals, accordion, guitar, wind instruments); piano à quatre mains; chamber music (ensembles of up to nine members); orchestras and choirs. The competition’s judge panel  included famous professors of leading conservatoires and classical music stars.

The competition’s total prize fund was € 18,000.

Three winners of the EUTERPE International Piano Competition will also participate free of charge in the “In Musica” International Piano Competition in Rome to be held in 2020 as part of the 14 Ways to Malta series.