Announcement: 22 April Concert “Images of the Great Siege”

2018-04-18 (18)


2018-04-18 (20)


2018-04-18 (19)

Mediterranean Conference Center will witness the performance of the cycle about the island’s heroic defence which two orchestras will play – the State Symphony orchestra of Armenia and the Malta Philharmonic orchestra under the baton of Sergei Smbatyan.

Its legendary images echo the impressive pages of another magnificent piece – Spartacus by Aram Khachatyrian – the Mediterranean sea, the powerful heroes and the fierce fighting – both masterpieces tell the story of the most outstanding drama-filled pages of world history.


Alexey Shor

Images from the Great Siege

I. Premonition
II. Call to Arms
III. Leaving Home
IV. Solitary Rider
V. Grand Master’s Ball
VI. Young Knight’s Dream
VII. Mirage
VIII. Cannonade
IX. Saint Elmo Barcarolle
X. A Loss (in memory of the Azure Window)
XI. Wartime Lullaby
XII. The Big Bluff
XIII. Victory Celebration

Aram Khachaturian

Pieces from “Spartacus” Suites

Introduction and Dance of the Nymphs
Scene and Dance with Crotalums
Variation of Aegina and Bacchanalia
Adagio Spartacus and Phrygia
Dance of Gaditanae and Victory of Spartacus