14 Ways to Malta 2021

EFSC-Calendar-2019 - ENG56The European Foundation for Support of Culture has announced the Malta International Piano Competition to be held in spring 2021 in Valletta. 70 pianists under the age of 35 will be admitted to the competition (the five top finalists of the 14 international competitions the Foundation will hold in 2019 and 2020 throughout the world). MIPC 2021 will be held between 21 April and 10 May in four rounds, with prizes totaling € 300,000.

1st prize

a) € 100,000 / Award

b) A tour of 20 concerts with orchestras around the world with total royalties of € 100,000 (€ 5,000 per concert)

In 2019, the 14 Ways to Malta  consists of 8 international piano competitions:

  • 19-30 March: ClaviCologne International Piano Festival and Competition (Hamburg, Germany)
  • 18-22 May: Classic on Danube International Music Festival and piano competition (Vienna, Austria)
  • 23-26 May: American International Piano Competition and Festival (Washington, US)
  • 12-17 August: Shanghai International Piano Competition for Young Artists (Shanghai, China)
  • 8-16 September: Wandering Music Stars Festival and Tel Aviv International Piano Competition (Tel Aviv/Jerusalem, Israel)
  • 10-16 October: Japan Piano Open International Piano Competition (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 16-20 December: Moscow Piano Open International Piano Festival and Competition (Moscow, Russia)
  • 17-24 September: Armenia International Music Festival and Competition (Yerevan, Armenia)

In 2020, the project will host 6 international piano competitions:

  • March, London International Piano Festival and Competition (London, England)
  • May 24-28, Swiss International Piano Festival and Competition (Zurich, Switzerland)
  • June 23-27, “AntwerPiano” International Competition and Festival (Antwerp, Belgium)
  • September 1-5, Korean Piano Open competition (Seoul, South Korea)
  • September 17-22, “In Musica” Roma International Festival and Piano Competition (Rome, Italy)
  • September 23-28, Berliner Festwoche International Music Festival (Berlin, Germany)

The total prize fund of the 14 Ways to Malta competition is € 505,000