“In Musica” Roma International Festival and Piano Competition

The European Foundation for Support of Culture presents the “In Musica” Roma International Piano Competition, which will be held between 17th and 20th September 2020 in some of the most important and beautiful places in the Italian Capital Rome for the second time.

This is a major international event in Rome, a place of history, where all the arts meet for centuries and blend together creating a unique cultural intensity in the world. During the Competition, the EUFSC together with the honorary jury board that includes Pavel Gililov (Austria / Germany), Grigory Gruzman (Germany), Giuliano Mazzoccante (Italy), Mariangela Vacatello (Italy), Claudio Trovajoli (Italy) will discover new talents and decide on winners to significantly mark their career. 

Discerning Italian audience will have the opportunity to listen live to different romantic works of the piano repertoire and music of Maltese composers performed by rising talented stars as the Competition will be open to the public. 

The event will be held as part of the preliminary stage of the 2021 Malta International Piano Competition. Five best competitors from the competition will be invited to Valletta in 2021 to compete for an astonishing 300,000 Euro total prize fund – with the first prize at 200,000 Euro. More information can be found at www.14waystomalta2021.eu

In 2019, the 14 Ways to Malta consisted of 8 international piano competitions:

•19-30 March: ClaviCologne International Piano Festival and Competition (Hamburg, Germany)

•18-22 May: Classic on Danube International Music Festival and piano competition (Vienna, Austria)

•23-26 May: American International Piano Competition and Festival (Washington, US)

•12-17 August: Shanghai International Piano Competition for Young Artists (Shanghai, China)

• 8-16 September: Wandering Music Stars Festival and Tel Aviv International Piano Competition (Tel Aviv/Jerusalem, Israel)

•10-16 October: Japan Piano Open International Piano Competition (Tokyo, Japan)

• 16-20 December: Moscow Piano Open International Piano Festival and Competition (Moscow, Russia)

•17-24 September: Armenia International Music Festival and Competition (Yerevan, Armenia)

In 2020, the project will host 6 international piano competitions:

• August 28-30, London International Piano Festival and Competition (London, England)

• September 17-20, “In Musica” Roma International Festival and Piano Competition (Rome, Italy)

• October 28-30, "Berliner Festwoche" International Music Festival (Berlin, Germany)

• November 4-8, “AntwerPiano” International Competition and Festival (Antwerp, Belgium)

• December 18-21, Swiss International Piano Festival and Competition (Zurich, Switzerland)

• December 27-30, Korean Piano Open competition (Seoul, South Korea)

The total prize fund of the 14 Ways to Malta competition is € 505,000