Andrey Baranov Tour in China 20/21

From 27 December 2020 to 7 January 2021, world-famous violinist Andrey Baranov will embark on a Tour across China. The project is organized by the European Foundation for Support of Culture. 
Andrey Baranov is a laureate of more than twenty prestigious international competitions, including  Benjamin Britten competition (Great Britain), Henri Marteau competition (Germany), David Oistrakh and Niccolò Paganini competitionы in Moscow.  In 2012 the musician won the Queen Elizabeth International Violin Competition. Andrey Baranov regularly gives concerts at renowned venues in Russia, Europe, Asia and the USA. 
During the Tour, the artist will be accompanied by the Sinfónica Municipal de Avellaneda Orchestra under the button of Gustavo Fontana (Argentina). The tour program will include works by distinguished European composers. 
The musicians will give a series of concerts at the following venues: 
• Dalian,  Dalian Development Area Grand Theater 
• Dalian,  Dalian People’s Club Theater 
• Yingkou,  Yingkou Grand Theater
• Changchun, Changchun Theater 
• Nanchang,  Jiangxi Art Center 
• Liuzhou Liuzhou, Art Center 
• Fuzhou Fujian, Grand Theater 
• Shijiazhuang, Hebei Art Center
Stay tuned for more info!