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The violinist-Neapolitan Salvatore Accardo is a man of marked individuality. His brilliant talent and very special south-Italian charisma have a nearly hypnotising effect on those around him. Accardo always goes against the stream and does it at his own pace. At the age of 3 he smoothly played the violin and at 67 became a father for the first time.

His playing is characterized by a taut, visceral tone and a disciplined musical approach that avoids self-indulgence. Having also established himself as a successful conductor, chamber musician, and teacher, Accardo may be considered one of the most accomplished and influential musicians of his generation.

“Patience and humility for music and composers are the most essential things for musicians,” believes Salvatore Accardo. “Remember, a musician is just a conduit between great composers and the public. He is in the service of music and not vice versa. The performer should demonstrate music the way the composer wrote it, he should not distort the text or subordinate it to his own wishes – that is what the performer’s integrity is about.”

Georges Bizet
Excerpts from “Carmen” Suite
Nos.1 & 2 25’
1. Prelude to Act I
2. Aragonaise
3. Intermezzo
4. Seguidilla
5. Les Dragons d’Alcala
6. Les Toreadors
7. Habanera
8. Chanson d Toreador
9. La garde montante
10. Danse Boheme
Felix Mendelssohn
Violin Concerto in E minor, Op.64
I Allegro appassionato
II Andante
III Allegretto non troppo
Alexey Shor
“Flight of a Falcon”
Piece for Violin and Orchestra