2018-04-18 (17)



A really unusual concert included music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky and a composition by contemporary composer Alexey Shor on the Russian chanson theme — variations of the famous gangster song Murka and no less famous Fried Chicken. “This is going to be a concert built on contrast”, said  the outstanding violinist and conductor Sergey Stadler. “Sleeping Beauty” is a fabulous composition loved by me, by the orchestra, and by the public. Variations on a Murka theme — that’s an interesting experiment for me.”


A dandy who performs cult Russian ‘urban songs’, the famous American viola player David Aaron Carpenter is well remembered in Malta. Last year he did manage to evoke the emotional response so strong that the audience was left speechless, if not mesmerized. “It is my signature piece — a mischievous, vivacious “Murka Variations”  in the interpretation of Alexey Shor”, said Mr Carpenter. “You could say the Murka song is a plain folk song, you could see a sinister aspect in it as well. Some people would say it is about a cat (Murka is a common name for a cat in Russia). For me it is great music which is a fun to play. Although technically it is unbelievably difficult, I am playing it as an encore piece all around the world and people go nuts about it everywhere.”



Pyotr Tchaikovsky

“The Sleeping Beauty” Suite

I Introduction (Carabosse’s music, linked with the appearance of the Lilac Fairy from the end of the Prologue)

II Adagio

III Pas de caractère

IV Panorama

V Waltz

Alexey Shor

“The Well Tempered Chanson”

Cycle for Viola and Orchestra

  1. Murka Metamorphoses
  2. Trans-Siberian Waltz
  3. Samba
  4. Baroken Love
  5. Last Penny
  6. Odessa Walk
  7. Buenos Aires Bonbons
  8. Chicken Tarantella
  9. Nostalgic Waltz
  10. Buggy Bossa Nova
  11. Semi-Cannonical Great Feud
  12. Lament
  13. Murka Variations

Soloist: David Aaron Carpenter (viola)