Astor Piazzolla Days in Italy

Calendar52In May, the European Foundation for Support of Culture together with the Marrucino Theatre (Italy) and Association ArtEnsemble have held Piazzolla Days in Italy, as part of which a concert series will be presented in the Marrucino Theatre along with saxophone master classes. Works of the most famous Argentinean composers were presented to the public, including Astor Piazzolla. Astor Piazzolla is an Argentinean composer of Italian descent who lived in the second part of the XX century and whose compositions greatly
enriched the genre of tango, having presented it in a modern style absorbing elements of jazz and classical music. At home in Argentina he is known as “El Gran Ástor” (“Great Astor”). Julio Di Prato Diego Procoli
Piazzolla is among those few composers who were fortunate enough to be able to record and to perform almost all their compositions. Over the short period of the 10 closing years of his life, he wrote over 300 tangos and 50 melodies for movies.
The music of this inimitable composer was performed by such renowned artists as Julio Di Prato, prize-winner of the saxophone music competition organized by the Marrucino Theatre, and Diego Procoli who participated in the “Aquilani soloists” season of concerts.