Brillanti TV Programme, Malta

In April 2022, on April 8, Malta’s ONE TV shall see the launch of a brand-new television programme – Brillanti. Hosted by the television personality Joseph Chetcuti, and sponsored by the European Foundation for Support of Culture (EUFSC), Brillanti marks the first time that a competition targeted solely towards performers, artists, and musicians will debut on Maltese television, promising to offer these talented individuals an opportunity to showcase their talents, gain significant exposure, and achieve both fame as well as monetary reward.


Open to applicants of all ages, the first season of Brillanti will be focusing solely on musicians, with practitioners of all instruments, ranging from the classical to the modern, being invited to apply. Following an initial selection process, the chosen participants shall engage in a number of musical competitions between them until they are eventually whittled down to around six finalists who will compete in a final night in which the winner shall be crowned. Each round shall be presided over by a specially-selected jury board made of experienced and professional people both from Malta and beyond who have spent years in this industry and who will easily be able to identify the most promising candidates at each stage.


Furthermore, each finalist will also be mentored by one of the jury members throughout their journey, with confirmed jury members including the celebrated British pianist Wayne Marshall, and the renowned Maltese soprano Nicola Said, among others.


Ultimately, the eventual winner of the competition will then be awarded €10,000 in cash, along with the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel abroad and perform in concert alongside an international orchestra, thanks to the EUFSC.


Following this first season, Brillanti will continue with auditions for the second entry in the series, with each subsequent season focusing on a different facet of art, including dance, design, painting, sculpture, and other skills that merit recognition.