Concert-presentation at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Hungary

EFSC-Calendar-2019 - ENG44In January, the European Foundation for Support of Culture, with media support of the “Valletta 2018” Foundation and the Malta Tourism Authority,  launched a project entitled “Malta – the new centre of tourism and classical music attraction”, which was held in the format of a presentation concert at European conservatories and to which all interested students were invited.

As part of the project in Budapest, a presentation concert was  held on 25 February at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music, Hungary. The students had  a unique opportunity to get to know Malta, learn about the activities of the European Foundation for Support of Culture and its educational projects, as well as international piano, violin and wind competitions for young talents.

The Franz Liszt Academy of Music is the main Conservatory in Hungary. It was founded by the great maestro Liszt himself for the sake of the future of Hungarian music. The Academy has two concert halls: a smaller one seating 400, where chamber concerts are held, and a bigger one seating 1,200 and with perfect acoustics, where listeners can enjoy classical music performances by both students and outstanding musicians.

The building itself is very beautiful, its façade decorated with sculptures of famous composers and musicians. In addition to the educational faculties, it also includes the Franz Liszt Memorial Museum and Research Centre and the Béla Bartók Music School.

At different times, the Academy has been headed by different distinguished Hungarian musicians. It has educated many world-class musicians, such as Hungarian composer, pianist and folklore musicologist Béla Bartók; Hungarian composer and music teacher Andras Mihai; Hungarian soprano Anna Báthy, People’s Performer of the Hungarian People’s Republic, winner of the Kossuth Prize, and an outstanding cultural figure of Hungary; Hungarian tenor of German origin József Simándy, winner of the National Kossuth Prize, and many others.

The presentation  concluded with a performance by violinist Karen Shakhgaldyan, laureate of Pablo Sarasate International Violin Competition, and young pianist Ruben Kozin, laureate of the Eurasian Music Games, who  together played popular works by Maltese composers.