Concert-presentation at the Mongolian State Conservatory, Mongolia

EFSC-Calendar-2019 - ENG84In the beginning of 2019, the European Foundation for Support of Culture, with media support of the “Valletta 2018” Foundation and the Malta Tourism Authority,  launched a project entitled “Malta – the new centre of tourism and classical music attraction”, which was held in the format of a presentation concert at European conservatories and to which all interested students were invited.

The programme  featured a presentation concert held on 30 April at the Mongolian State Conservatory in Ulaanbaatar(Mongolia). The Conservatoire’s students were offered a unique opportunity to learn about Malta, about the EUFSC and its activities, its educational projects, and about international piano, violin and wind instrument competitions for young talents.

The Mongolian State Conservatory was founded in 1937. Over the 80 years since its inception, its name and status have changed several times. In 2017, it was granted official conservatoire status.

Its faculty were trained at the leading music institutions of Russia, Bulgaria, Italy, the US, China, Japan and Korea. Professionals and republics of the former USSR made a special contribution to the Conservatoire’s development.

Faculty and students of the Conservatory have won many international competitions and perform at the world’s best venues. The Conservatory has two symphony orchestras and dozens of chamber orchestras performing classical and folk music.

The presentation  concluded with a performance by violinist Karen Shakhgaldyan, winner of the Pablo Sarasate International Violin Competition, and young pianist Sharavtseren Tserenjigmed; together, they  treated the audience to popular works by Maltese composers.