Fryderyk Chopin Evening

Calendar38Next year will be the 170th year since the death of the great Polish
composer and pianist Fryderyk Chopin. In anticipation of this date,
the European Foundation for Support of Culture, together with the
Marrucino Theatre (Italy) and the ArtEnsemble (Italy) supported by
the Fondazione Immagine Foundation, have organized the evening to honor
the famous composer.
Fryderyk Chopin laid the foundation of the Polish national school
of composition and greatly influenced world music at large. Chopin
reinterpreted many genres of music: he gave new life to preludes,
interpreting them in a romantic manner, created a piano ballad, poeticized
and dramatized dances – mazurka, polonaise, waltz, and converted
scherzos into standalone pieces of composition. As a pianist himself, his
performances were said to combine depth and sincerity of feelings with
elegance and technical finesse.

Fryderyk Chopin Evening April The Fryderyk Chopin evening was held on April 8 in the Marrucino Theatre (Chieti, Italy), with renowned European musicians including pianist Yuri Bogdanov, professor at the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, winner of international competitions such as the International Piano Competition in Sydney and the April Spring Festival in Pyong yang. Bogdanov played the most popular compositions of Chopin.