Pavel and Ingrid Gililov Launch Series of Masterclasses in Malta

Between the 17 th and 25 th of February, world-renowned piano professor Pavel Gililov, and his wife, the distinguished flautist Ingrid Gililov, will be travelling to Malta to deliver a series of masterclasses in piano and flute, respectively, over the course of the week.

Pavel Gililov is one of the most esteemed music educators working today, with many of his students going on to launch illustrious careers of their own. He is currently a professor at the Mozarteum in Salzburg, and up until his retirement in 2013, also held a professorship at
Cologne’s Hochschule fur Musik.

Ingrid Gililov has now been a household name in the flute world for decades. The acclaimed flautist regularly travels around Europe participating in music academies and hosting masterclasses around the world. She has seen hundreds of students pass under her tutelage, and has become famous among flautists for imparting a new and unique love and understanding for this instrument.

Both husband and wife are currently very much in demand across Europe and both will now be in Malta for this rare opportunity that will give students of these two instruments the chance to see and engage with these two masters up close.

This event is being organised by the European Foundation of Support of Culture, who are also behind another music education endeavour that will be coming up later in the year – the Malta Classical Music Academy. This shall take place between the 17 th of April and 11 th of May, and will once again see Pavel Giliov leading a number of masterclasses alongside a host of celebrated musicians and professors.

For more information about the masterclasses please send an email to, or call
on +356 79999248