International Piano Festival in Italy

The 2nd International Piano Festival in Italy is organized by the European Foundation for Support of Culture, International Music School “Cenacolo della Musica – S. Irene”, Russian-Italian Cultural Center in collaboratifl_A5_5-001on with the Music School “Città di San Giovanni Teatino.

The 2nd International Piano Festival in Italy will be held in the city of San Giovanni Teatino (Abruzzo region, Italy). It will consist of the Piano master classes held from 9th till 19th of August and the Piano competition held from 16th till 19th of August 2015

Our festival is opened for both local and foreign musicians who wish to come to the ancient Italian town of San Giovanni Teatino in order to enhance their musical skills and knowledge. We are proud to present our world-acclaimed professors who will help young professionals not only with their recommendations on the technical side of piano playing, but also on the understanding of how the musical message must be delivered from the performer to the audience. This will be further strengthened by an opportunity to practice the performance during the concerts organized as part of the Festival.

Moreover, the young (and not so young) musicians will have an opportunity to show-off their musical abilities by competing with others during our Piano competition. Winning the contest or even just participation in it will add value to any musician’s CV.

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