Rachmaninoff Festival in Malta

Calendar542018 is the year of the 145th birth anniversary of world renowned Russian composer Sergei Rachmaninoff. To mark this occasion, the
European Foundation for Support of Culture has organized, in Malta,
the Rachmaninoff Festival which was held in the concert hall of the
Russian Centre for Science and Culture.
The intention of the Festival is to popularize classical music, to
promote spiritual unification and bring generations closer to each
other by means of music, to introduce children and young people to
the beauty and moral values of the world classical art.
During the Festival, the following events were conducted:
concerts for school children, youngsters and students
accompanied by vocal narrations about classical music,
concerts of ensembles made up of young performers and
young soloists and philharmonic concerts of symphonic,
chamber, and vocal-symphonic music.
Lead exponents of classical music and music groups performed
Rachmaninoff’s best works during the Festival.
A photo exhibition dedicated to the creative activities of the composer
was on display in the Russian Centre for Science and Culture.