Sax Visit – European Concert Series

HayrapetFounder – Hayrapet Arakelyan

“The saxophone was invented in 1842 by the Belgian Adolphe Sax patented four years later. One of the most interesting facts is that the name of the instrument was not given by its inventor, but by composer Hector Berlioz. The instrument’s name is made from the inventor’s name Sax and “Fono”, which means sound.

The saxophone had the ability to express a large spectrum of dynamic range, a unique timbre of the sound, and could be also used for virtuoso passages.

There is also an opinion that the saxophone sound has the closest timbre to the human voice, and probably nobody could imagine jazz without the saxophone. This instrument is loved by millions of people all round the world. Despite its recognition in Jazz, there is still much more potential and possibilities for this instrument especially in classical and contemporary music.

The main idea of the project “Sax Visit” is to make classical saxophone more popular in Europe, develop contacts between saxophonists in Europe, make an entire network of solo saxophonists. By involving best saxophonists from Europe an important part of the project is also masterclasses given at the different universities in Europe, to share the knowledge with the younger generation.”


  • Hayrapet Arakelyan
  • Xavier Larsson Paez
  • Joonatan Rautiola
  • Oskara Petrauskis
  • Raimonds Petrauskis
  • Gleb Koroleff
  • Marko Hilpo
  • Daniel Garcia


APR 19 – University of the Arts – Helsinki, Finland – Master-class

APR 19 – University of the Arts – Helsinki, Finland – Concert

JUN 12 – Conservatorio Profesional de Terrassa – Terrassa, Spain – Master-class

JUN 13 – Teatre Municipal – Tarragone, Spain – Concert

JUL 03 – Latvian Academy of Music – Riga, Latvia – Master-class

JUL 05 – Cesis Concert Hall – Cesis, Latvia – Concert

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