Tour of Haik Kazazyan in Russia, concert in Bryansk

Haik Kazazyan Tour in RussianFrom April 3 until the end of 2019, the world famous violinist, laureate of the International Tchaikovsky Competition Haik Kazazyan would tour in Russia. 🙃

The project is organized by the European Fund for the Support of Culture and the Association for the Support of Cultural Initiatives (Ассоциация Поддержки Культурных Инициатив).

The opening concert in the framework of the Tour will take place in the Concert Hall "Druzhba" (Bryansk) together with the Bryansk Governor Symphony Orchestra. Then Haik Kazazyan will perform at the Saratov Regional Philharmonic Schnittke (Saratov), ​​together with the Saratov Symphony Orchestra, at the State Philharmonic of the Altai Region (Barnaul), together with the Symphony Orchestra of the State Philharmonic of the Altai Region and at the Karelian State Philarmonic Society (Petrozavodsk) together with the Karelian Symphony Orchestra. The orchestras will perform under the direction of the principal guest conductor of the State Orchestra of Kazakhstan "Academy of Soloists", maestro Mikhail Kirchhoff.

The tour program will include works by famous Maltese and other European composers. 🔥

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More concerts within the tour would be added.